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Admission Policy

STEP – 1 
To begin with, documentation which you need to submit with your application:

  • A copy of either the child’s birth certificate (Original) OR attested photocopy of the relevant page.
  • Official copies of the student’s academic reports for the past two years 
  • Five recent passport size photographs
  • Application Form
  • Medical Record
  • Transfer Certificate from the previous school. (From class 2 onwards) 

Once your application is received, the admission process will begin. Your child’s age will give the initial indication as to the appropriate class, and the aptitude test will either confirm this or lead to further assessment. These are the guidelines for dates of birth for children entering Trivandrum International School. We believe students should be with children of the same age, tackling tasks with the appropriate intellectual challenge.
These are the guidelines for dates of birth for children entering GRS School. We believe students should be with children of the same age, tackling tasks with the appropriate intellectual challenge. Preceding Entry to the class Entering 

  • Class 1 – 5 ½ by 31 March Entering 
  • Class 2 – 6 ½ by 31 March Entering 
  • Class 3 – 7 ½ by 31 March Entering 
  • Class 4 – 8 ½ by 31 March Entering
  • Class 5 – 9 ½ by 31 March Entering 
  • Class 6 – 10½ by 31 March Entering
  • Class 7 – 11½ by 31 March Entering 
  • Class 8 – 12½ by 31 March Entering 
  • Class 9 – 13½ by 31 March Entering
  • Class 10 – 14½ by 31 March Entering

STEP – 2
 After receiving the initial documentation with your child’s application, we will arrange for an assessment to place your child in the appropriate class. 
Aptitude Test

  • For entry to Class 3 and upwards, children are required to take an aptitude test. This will reflect what we expect a child to be able to do by the end of the preceding school year, though those seeking admission during the final term will be assessed using learning objectives from the current year of study. 
  • Those seeking admission to Classes 3 to 5 will be assessed on their skills in using English, science and Mathematics. 
  • Those seeking admission to Class 6 and above will be assessed also on their understanding of scientific concepts in addition to Mathematics, Science and English. 
  • We prefer to meet students personally and discuss their interests and academic progress with them. This process is also essential for those who have found the aptitude tests difficult, for we would want to carry out a further assessment in order to place the student in the appropriate class. If possible, we like to meet both parents. 
  •  At Godawari Residential School, we always welcomes students and strives to offer them a platform to showcase their abilities.
  • Applying from Outside Lalitpur: 
  • If applying from outside Lalitpur, please email copies of identification documentation and school will respond to you.
  • The school will conduct an online aptitude test. We require you to ensure that the test is fair – that the work submitted is the child’s own work. Evaluating the test, if a talk with your child is essential, then a telephonic interview will be arranged. 
  •  Applicants from outside Lalitpur are often interested in the hostel facility. Details of the hostel are to be found in the boarding option. The address and contact details of a local guardian may be furnished at the time of admission.
  • To added an enquiry form for the admission and other information.

About Us

One of the biggest challenges we face as a country is preparing our young people for the economy and society of the future. In an era that should offer all young people more opportunities than ever before, young people today also face more pressures. The journey into adulthood and a good career is much less certain than it used to be.
Mission Statement:
To create a caring, disciplined and academic environment where all students and staff can reach their potential, 

  • To educate for life        
  • To promote tolerance, justice and respect for all.                 
  • To encourage teamwork and respect individuality
  • To nurture ambition and leadership  
  • To promote pride and confidence in one’s own ability (self esteem).
  • To motivate our students in the pursuit of a high standard of academic achievement and critical thinking by providing a varied range of learning experiences and a varied range of teaching excellence.
  • To help all students do their best.                     
  • To work in partnership with parents in the promotion of the overall good of the student, acknowledging the role of parents as the primary educators of the child

School Attendance and Absence:

We expect all students to be on time for all classes and must make sure your child gets a full-time education that meets their needs.  

GRS requires a student to give a dated note, from his/hers Parents/ Guardians, to the voice Principal to explain his/hers lateness and leave-ness. If a student is late in the morning on 3 occasions in a month then his/her parents/ guardians will be informed. GRS’s will ask for the parent’s cooperation in the matter.   If a student is late on 3 occasions in the same week his/hers Parents/Guardians will be asked to attend a meeting with the voice Principal to discuss the matter.  Students may be given extra written work and/or receive in-house suspension.   Lack of improvement regarding punctuality may result in suspension from school. 
⦁    When your child can miss school
You can only allow your child to miss school if either:
⦁    they’re too ill to go in
⦁    you’ve got advance permission from the school

⦁    Holidays in term time
You have to get permission from the Principal if you want to take your child out of school during term time.
You can only do this if:
⦁    you make an application to the head teacher in advance (as a parent the child normally lives with)
⦁    there are exceptional circumstances
It’s up to the Principal how many days your child can be away from school if leave is granted.

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