Our School

Godawari Residential School (GRS) situated at the serene land of Godawari is serving the nation for long with innovative teaching learning approach addressing international trends in education. GRS prides its own sufficient land allowing multiple things without any limitation while fostering creativity and confidence of students.

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Guided by the motto: “Raising the Next Generation”. GRS follows International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Multiple Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming while naming a few of the approaches to nurture the young minds assisted by competent and experienced faculty members.
The school is equipped with all the basic amenities such as hostel, lab, library, playground, transportation and extracurricular activities. The School does not interpret them merely as ‘facilities’, rather as fundamentals of students’ holistic development.
The extracurricular activities designed for the holistic development of students give ample space to grow as per the interest of students.
While inculcating the 21st century skills to its students, GRS marches towards the goals naming them three pillars of GRS: Academic Excellence, Character Formation and Committed Citizenship.
Respecting the spirit of school community partnership, GRS accepts community as a part of curriculum and moves with the concept of co-operation, collaboration and coordination while serving in the field of education.